Emergency Door Repair

At Door Repair NYC, we understand that accidents & breakdowns can happen at any time. We offer a 24-hour/7-day emergency service for any commercial door repairs in New York City.

Door Parts

We carry door parts and access control for commercial doors and locks, including plates, hinges, brackets, cables, bolts, and covers to make sure your door is in good working order.

After Hour Repair Service

After Hour Repair Service– The after-hours service is easily reached by dialing our main telephone number 212-202-0491, which will connect you to our service and we’ll schedule repairs as soon as possible.

Commercial Door Repair

Commercial Door Repair Services – Whether you need door lock installation or repair of a door, call the professionals at Queens Door Repair. It is important to keep all doors functioning properly, and this is where good door repair service as Queens Door Repair is needed. We service and repair all types of Commercial Doors within a fashionable amount of time. Our premise is within 20 minutes or less. Our quality of parts is made to last. The service is exceptional. Our service is also one of the lowest in the industry. We want you to know, that we care about you. We try to give you our best efforts to help you. Our goal is to build long term relationships with our clients.

Queens Door Repair Services:

  • Broken Springs, Broken Door Openers, Bent Tracks
  • Automatic Doors, Sensing Devices, Push Plates
  • Dock Plates, Dock Seals, Dock Bumpers
  • High Speed Doors, Bump Doors, Bug Barrier Doors
  • Preventative Service Plan For Commercial Customer
  • Commercial Glass Doors, Sliding Doors, Revolving Doors
  • Rolling Doors, Garage Doors
  • Fire Doors

Commercial Door Parts we service; Door Closers, Deadbolts, Door Exit Devices, Door Hinges, Door Knobs, Door Levers, Door Cylinders, Mortise Locks, Door Pivots, Rollup Doors

Door Closer Repair Service

These are the types of Door Closer services provided by Door Repair Queens:

  • Heavy-Duty Glass Door Closer
  • Concealed Overhead Closers
  • Floor Closer


Door Frame Repair

Door frames can also deteriorate with time. Proper door frame repair addresses this problem. You may have to completely remove the frame if it is cracked or pulled away from the wall. Call us at Queens Door Repair to have it professionally done. Depending on the design and use of a building, many different types of doors are used and some of them may require certain repair services.

Commercial Door Repair

It is important to keep all doors in your Business/Store/Factory functioning properly, and this is where good door repair service is needed. Especially if it is an emergency door repair, repair of the door-closer or the door Exit Device, is best done by Door Repair Queens.