Door Closer

Door Closer Repair

There are many hydraulic door closer designs and they vary by make and model. Few door closers that have swinging arms, and others that are simply a long shaft attached to two points. The main thing they have in common is that when you open them, you are creating a vacuum, that will pull the main connector arm in and back into a prone position. (Hydraulic Arm, Air Pressure, Snags or Hitches).

When you get door damage or door closer damage, you may dread the time and money it will take to fix. We know your time and money are precious. With Door Closers repair from NYC, you can save time and money, our experienced repair technicians will come right to you, today!

Door Closer parts and service are offered by Door Repair Queens. We are a sector leading supplier for lots of premium brands of door closers and architectural hardware. We are proud to offer New York City community door repair services. Door Closer Repair Queens holds the largest variety of door closers and parts. Our technicians are licensed, and they will help you with their expert knowledge.

Furthermore, we equip a complete line of Panic Exit Devices. We also hold a complete line of parts for these exit devices. Our state of the art equipment is carefully selected, to achieve high-quality material and tools.

Door Closer Repair in Queens

These are the types of Door Closers that we service:

  • Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Door Closer
  • Concealed Overhead Closers
  • Floor Closer

In addition, we have a large option of door lock protectors, strike bowls, door ceases and door push and pull platters. When you contact us, we will help you with the right tool just for the job. We are here to serve you with your upcoming questions and issues you might have about a door closer.